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Hello!! I’m Tajagna Vyas born in 1995 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat (INDIA). My grandpa always tells me that “You are curious and creative since you were born”That’s why he gives me a name “Tajagna”. This is a Gujarati word. If I say it to in English than it means “expert”. This name is always inspiring me to do new things and to do new stuffs. I’m always trying to get dipper and dipper in specific stuffs whatever its education or it’s any kind of Project or else. If I’m telling about my nature, then I’m shy may be at little bit and always surrounded by lots of questions and fears. But this is the qualities which makes me a different from other.


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Important terminologies of Thermodynamics

A thermodynamic system may be defined as any specified portion of matter in the universe which is under study. A system may consist of one or more substances. Or if we defined it in terms of physics then In physics, the term “system” usually refers to any set of physical interactions isolated from the rest of the universe. Anything outside of the system, including all factors and forces irrelevant to a discussion of that system, is known as the environment.e.g., portion of test tube where reaction is taking place, is called system.

Thermodynamics – One of the main pillar of engineering science

Thermodynamics is the oldest branch of engineering science and specifically of physics. It deals with the relationships between heat and other forms of energy. In another terms we can say that it deals with the transfer of energy from one form to another form and one place to another place.

Thermodynamic focuses on concepts surrounding energy, and in the various states that systems possess, as defined by their state variables such as pressure, temperature, volume, entropy, concentration and so on.

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